When I started working with motherboard pictures my intention was to transform them into something abstract and obtain traces, signs that could be interpreted as a language. The process I initially applied was based on removing what I thought was unnecessary, trying to obtain the marks and fragments that would become part of the "written language" mentioned above. I did something similar with the project titled "Big Bang", which you can find here ---- http://bit.ly/17x2HM2.
Experimenting, I realized that, instead of removing elements from those images, I could do the opposite and thus make them richer in terms of colors and shapes. That's why I began playing with hues and Photoshop layers, discovering that those masses of printed circuits, connectors and processors could lose their structured, mechanical perfection and become something comparable to biological formations.
The final result consists of different high-res images (6000px wide or tall), created for large format printing, which might recall satellite pictures of landscapes or highly populated areas, when viewed in the form of thumbnails. Observed in their original dimensions, what they offer is the immersion in another world invaded by rivers, covered with fields, hills, lakes and, in a few pictures, industrial structures, aged buildings, labyrinthine roads and canals, denouncing high human presence.

Working process
Satellite 00
Satellite 00 (detail)
Satellite 01
Satellite 01 (detail)
Satellite 02
Satellite 02 (detail)
Satellite 04
Satellite 04 (detail)
Satellite 05
Satellite 05 (detail)
Satellite 06
Satellite 06 (detail)
Satellite 09
Satellite 09 (detail)
Satellite 12
Satellite 12 (detail)
Satellite 15
Satellite 15 (detail)
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