The various objects inside the cabinets are arranged following an indefinable criteria. They don't seem to have that much in common: detergents, shoes, towels, books, various containers, magazines, printer cartridges and much more fill the various compartments. Does their placement follow a logic or not?
This "state of order" is defined by the frame of a picture, by the edges of a store window, as well as by the borders of the cabinets containing the objects. They can't be separated from the space they occupy. Similarly, when talking about space, we also talk about ourselves. We cannot conceive of a place without taking into account, though only for a moment, its occupants and what characterizes it. Can the scientific notions of order and disorder be applied to the society we live in? In thermodynamics, entropy is generally associated with the amount of order, disorder or chaos in a thermodynamic system. In our sometimes indecipherable world, when we define rules, principles, communication strategies, or when we see a method in the behavioural processes of a category or social class we are building our own "space-time structure" and our actions (with the purpose of creating or breaking order) are like events in it.
Under arrangement (2006)
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Under arrangement (2008-2019)
Inside Out (2007-2019)
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