Retrospective I (2018)

I began working on this first digital retrospective with the intention to rediscover and "repurpose" old and new works, mixing and associating them. But how to do it, since they do not represent the expression of a particular style and are not concentrated around a few specific subjects or themes? Examining the material accumulated throughout the years, I came to the conclusion that the best thing that I could do to make such different works appear together in the same space was to select the ones that could be combined for multiple reasons (style, subject, colors, etc.).
The diptychs  resulting from this experiment carry the selected works' original meanings, but also introduce the viewer to a new dimension, where different rules and schemes are applied. Consequently, an alternative approach is indispensable, leading to new connections and interpretations.

Time ahead (2004...2018)
Not yet time (2018...2015)
One time, one hundred times (2013...2014)
Time to grow (2015...2016)
The origin and the end of time (2004...2007)
(in) between times (2018...2015)
Out of time (2018...2004)
Back in time (2017...2005)
Falling time (2016...2017)
Time field (2007...2016)
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